Friday, June 3, 2011

Mexican Typography Artwork

This collection of type-oriented photography was taken while I was sailing down the Mexican Riviera last March. I've been wanting to create a montage of these images for a while because they have so much color, real life grunge and meticulous hand-rendered type to offer.

The final product is vibrant and captivating.
(Well, it's captivating in the opinion of a type nerd, at least!)

Mexican Typography Wall Art / ©2011 Megan Clark

I'll be printing up this piece as a 24x24" gallery-wrapped canvas, for anyone interested in acquiring one of their own. Cost: $199. Inquire for purchase details.

I plan to following this up with other location-based, typographic imagery, creating a series of wall art. (Which I fully intend on littering my office space with, by the way. Hopefully my officemates love typography as much as I do!)


  1. Such a great idea! I'm a new follower to your blog. I'm going to give it a try too. That is so fun!! Thanks for sharing.