Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Send yourself to time out.

When you’re a kid, the worst 4 words in the world are ‘Go to time out!’ Maybe the 5th worst word is ‘NOW.’ Once you grow up and take on the burden of everlasting busyness, all you want is someone to say that to you.

That’s exactly what Time Out Massage can help you with.
The massage theapist and owner, Denise Mastenbrook, was a co-worker of mine before shifting career goals. When she made the annoucement, I was truly devistated to loose her as a work friend, but secretly (or not so secretly) thrilled that I just might get to be one of the people she could practice on. Sign me up! And that she did. I was a loyal ‘homework helper’ while Denise was going through the massage therapy program and now I am a loyal client. What I love is that she is one of my loyal clients, too!

When she started up her official massage therapy business, I got to help with the branding and other printed pieces. Now, Denise has also entered blogland (as well as facebook, but that’s old news). We got her blog up and running a couple of weeks ago and now it’s ready for you! Subscribe or follow and stay up-to-date on massage specials, health and welness advice and other super valuable information about you + your body.

Denise is seriously one of the smartest people I know. Trust me, you want to glean as much as you can from her big brains via her blog. Or, even better, go see her in person. Go to Time Out. Now.

Contact Info:
Denise Mastenbrook

What she offers:
+ Swedish
+ Deep Tissue
+ Cranial Sacral
+ Trigger Point
+ Chair Massage


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