Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Baby Showers & Business

In October of 2007 a few of my girlfriends and I took a road trip to Spokane, WA for our college roommate's baby shower. There were all the usual things there: adorable cupcakes (yum!), blind-folded baby food taste-testing games (yuck!) and lots of gifts (yay!). Of course, one of those gifts was from me. At some point in the afternoon I heard someone ask, "Who wrapped this gift!?" and overhead one of my girlfriends say my name. The woman asking was Maggie Christie. She immediately approached me and questioned, "What do you do?". Once I answered, "I'm a designer...", she exclaimed, "I need you!"

Maggie was working on a new business venture: a small boutique in Newport, Washington. Long story short, she's more than pulled it off. Almost two years later she's the owner of an adorable shop called Shanty filled with goodies for your home + closet. Plus a cafe. Who could ask for more?

And what designer could ask for a more perfect client? Seriously. I love Shanty. And I really love Maggie. (No surprise there: I've raved before...) We've created some really fun stuff together:

1. The logo
2. The business cards and tags
(And gift cards and coffee cards!)

3. Promotional postcards
4. Advertisements

And last, but not least, the real reason for this entire announce:
6. A newly-designed web page!

7. And a newly-designed blog!

Delve in and enjoy. There will certainly be more to come. 
The moral of the story: Baby showers can be good for business. Who knew!?


  1. Love you, and I'm proud of both of you for following your dreams. Tiff

  2. Oh goodness! I adore that logo and all the goodies. Awesome work!

    I'm going to have to go there the next time I'm across the mountains for sure!

  3. Thanks, ladies. Shanty really is a must-see. (I'm heading there next weekend!!)

  4. In LOVE with the website and EVERYTHING! I want to go there! :) You're fabulous!
    ~Mandi Downs

  5. Megan, you rock. I love your work!

  6. Thanks, Brandon! That means a lot coming from a fellow artist, designer and Fox grad :)

  7. How come the person who threw the original baby shower doesn't get any credit for their awesome guest list? :) J/K I am so proud of both you ladies. dkjfkdjjiiidj (that was a quick hi by the baby of the said baby shower, Joshua)