Saturday, March 21, 2009

I heart hippos.

I was having a bad day yesterday. All it took was a hippo to turn it around.

Maggie Christie, one of my beloved clients, is such a chic fashionista. She owns the most adorable boutique (pretty much of all time) in Newport, WA. It's called Shanty. (We're currently re-designing her website.) She's recently said that the hippo is the next 'it' animal. I think she's on to something. So watch out! There is going to be a wild stampede of hippo-adorned threads rushing the rag trade. (She has also dropped hints that the ostrich may be flapping shortly behind. Shhhh....)

Maggie so thoughtfully sent a care package my way (including the darling shirt pictured above) earlier this week. It landed on my front stoop mid-morning on Friday. Talk about good timing! My new hippo shirt made my day. 

I highly recommend stopping at Shanty if you're in the Eastern Washington area. All of the eclectic jewelry, fine denim, home goods and espresso will certainly  make your day. And if you see Maggie while you're there, be sure to give her a hippo-sized hug from me.


  1. I want a hippopatumus for christmas.. only a hippopatumus witll do... I LOVE hippos. :)

  2. This is an excellent shirt. I would like one please.

  3. I think we should road trip to Shanty. Stat.

  4. We'ld love to see you all. Coffee on me!!