Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Get Inkd.

Inkd | The World's First Market for Original Print Design.

The brand new Inkd website launched this week! I received a e-notice in my inbox and was flabbergasted to see my design work in the featured pieces. (I'll give you one hint which is mine - Woof!)

I'm usually very wary of designing templates. I sort of categorize it with the idea of doing spec work: it's not the 'proper' way to go about designing things and in most cases, it's not what's best for the client either.

Buuuuut....when I got involved with Inkd in January, I decided to give it a shot. They are technically in the business of facilitating the creation, marketing and purchasing of design templates; but they do it a little differently. They actually care for good design. They don't accept sub-par work. They also allow each designer to have full credit and a presence on their website. Every contributer has a profile which includes their contact information. This is key. Once someone purchases a file, they have full freedom to contact the designer in order to make the piece their own. Don't get me wrong, this absolutely does not take the place of all the research and time it takes for a designer to really get to know their client and do quality work that helps them accomplish their goals and objectives. But it does give those who need design help some good options...and a long list of designers who are willing to freelance. I'm all about that. You can see some of the work I've done below...

A set for an antique store. See more here.

A set for a hardware store. See more here.

A set for a pet adoption agency. See more here.

And there will be more to come. Stay tuned....
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