Thursday, March 5, 2009

French Press | Opening Soon!

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French Press is a coffee + crepe shop in Salem, Oregon. They'll be opening this coming weekend, so if you're in the area you must check it out. And if you're not in the area, you should make your way there! Yes. It's that good. I was invited to the Friends & Family night last night and had the best time taste-testing the California crepe...and then the Berry crepe...and then a latte...well, you get the idea. It was phenomenal.

I am considered a 'friend' at French Press because I've been working with them to developing all of the branding and marketing over the last six months or so. It's really been a blast. Everyone there is super knowledgeable and super fun - the perfect combo! Just like coffee & crepes. Hungry yet? Check out the menu while you're here.

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