Thursday, July 9, 2009

Everybody loves a potluck.

It's true. And what better way to celebrate a pair of newlyweds than with a post-wedding-party-slash-potluck-slash-bar-b-que!? Seriously. Sheila & Jason want a small, low-key ceremony, so they'll be getting married the day before at the courthouse. (You can read more on their blog.) But the couple wants a big-group shin-dig, too - just not with all the frills. So that's that! And that's what I kept in mind when designing their postcard invitation. A little cheeky, a little laid-back, a little non-traditional, really fun and pretty darn cute. Wait a minute - am I describing Sheila or her wedding invite? Both, I think. (Love you, Sheila.)

Now, if you're planning on crashing the party because I didn't blur out all of the details, go for it. But you better bring a dish.

Congrats, Sheila and Jason! You are wonderful, wonderful people and will only be better together. I can't wait for the potluck. Food + drink + general merriment: coming right up!


  1. Very cute!!! I love how you found the perfect visual style to this. People should use more purple in design (:

  2. Thanks! I was slow in getting on the 'I love purple' train. But now I'm sold.

  3. i love how you included the "what to bring" in a super cute way! it will be a great reception :)

  4. I love this! So cute! And it fits them so well! Great job!!