Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fyre Fly Glass | Marlene Slothouber

Marlene is like my second mom. She also happens to be my best friend's real mom. She is full of vitality. She is super creative. She's smart. She's really good with the details. She gives great hugs. I love her and I've always been a fan of her handiwork. Growing up, I would go over to visit the Slothouber family and sneak downstairs into Marlene's studio to see what she was up to. Whether it was sculpture, a plethora of custom ceramic mugs or lampworked beads, I was always blown away. I made my first ceramic sculpture in 5th grade in that studio. It was a dragon. Looking at it now I laugh because that feeble dragon form was foreshadowing (however pathetic) for what I would go on to study in higher-level education and eventually pursue occupationally.

All that to say, Marlene has helped shape me into who I am. And now, I get to use the creative skills she stirred up in me to help her. It's so cool when it goes full circle like that.

Marlene has most recently started promoting her glass work. When she was younger, fire flies were always so enchanting to her - with the flickers of light and the small wings and bodies. Now, her bead work holds that same sort of enchantment. So she's called the company Fyre Fly Glass. How perfect is that? With every business comes the need for a business card....and now she has hers! (Along with a logo with an abstract fire-fly-slash-bead-like motif.) All I have to say is that she's lucky I didn't sneak a dragon into it somewhere. Or did I.....

P.S. Her blog is under construction - but become a follower now so you can be in the loop later!

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