Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I heart stamps.

When I think of stamps I visualize several crafty stay-at-home moms who make their own birthday, holiday, anniversary and thank you cards around a card table in one of their living rooms. Hot glue, rhinestones, puffy paint....and stamps. I don't say this with disdain. I fully intend on and look forward to being a part of a club like this later in life. Heck, I'll probably be the one to start it. Just call me the stamping queen. And ladies - you know who you are - I know you can't wait to join me.

I'm not ashamed to say I love stamps. Especially when they turn out to be a good business move. Really. Not only are they easy and fun, but they're cost effective. They allow a company to keep up with consistent branding on pieces that they otherwise couldn't afford to have custom designed and printed. I recommend a logo and/or return address stamp to many of my clients so they can use it on shipping boxes, envelopes, gift tags, billing, etc.

Shanty just got one with their classic buds + return address, Green Goose (who I have yet to tell you about!) had one made to use on their packaging, Shake Up Your World needed theirs for mailing purposes, and you might recall way back when we had some made for Mark Terry who needed to brand his art show and himself as a 21st Century Alchemist. Recently my good friend asked me to help with some stamps for his start-up online retail business, Man Cards (soon to be launched). I jumped on the bandwagon and finally ordered one for StudioM, too. I can't even explain how happy I am when I slam that inked rubber onto a sheet of paper and instantly see my logo imprinted. So satisfying!

Stamps also make fabulous gifts. Soon I'll be able to explain exactly how to go about that, don't worry. Until then...

"...You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life,
See that girl, watch that scene...stamping queen...."

Song lyrics derived from Dancing Queen by Abba.

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