Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Type Trumps

 A card game! Of typefaces! Can it be?

Thanks to Rick Banks of Face37 over in the UK it absolutely is. My London-dwelling friend posted a link to Type Trumps on my facebook wall months ago, but I couldn't find anywhere they were available for purchase. Meanwhile, I shared the link with on of the design profs, David Kerr, at GFU. Lo and behold, when I got to class last Wednesday night to speak to a typography class, Dave handed me a Type Trumps card box. It's embarrassing how excited I got. Really. As I was wildly peeling the plastic off the box with a huge grin smeared on my face Dave said to the students, "Megan loves type more than she loves her husband!" to which I replied, "No...they're just different." (Chuckle, chuckle - I think it was funnier that night.)
Enough with the jokes. Back to the game: Fortunately the card deck is available online now. Here. Along with Type Trumps 2. Long live type! Anybody up for a game night?


  1. Megan thats great! My name is Brian and I was in that class. You really did get way too excited but seeing what it is now I cant help but want one too!

  2. Ha, ha. Thanks, Brian. That makes me feel a little better. I knew I wouldn't be alone!