Monday, September 13, 2010

VW Eye Candy

Just some delicious VW Bug paraphernalia for us this morning. My husband is working on cultivating my automobile sensitivities as of late, specifically for Volkswagens. I'm learning more than I ever wanted to imagined I would know about the differences between the Squareback and the Fastback, Type 1s, 2s and 3s, the split window and oval window...the list goes on and on. I secretly like this new family obsession for a few reasons: 1) Volkswagen has done some phenomenal things in the design and advertising realms. I can't get enough of that stuff. 2) VWs are much cheaper and/or safer than my hubby's other hobbies like dirt bikes and airplanes. 3) In my past life, I was a pack rat; Therefore, I love a collection (especially when it's one made up of old stuff). So, we're growing our little VW family one car at a time.
We now have a 1971 Yellow Squareback and a 1967 Blue Beetle, pictured above. The graphic scans are from a manual that came from some crevice in the Bug. (There are official, original paint color names, but finding out what they are is intense.*)

And, a few fun facts before I sign off**:

VW Fact #31: In 1950, a VW Bus cost 2 cents per mile to run.
VW Fact #76: 1964 Bus hubcaps did not have the VW symbol painted a contrasting color. (Allegedly to save paint)
VW Fact #335: About 500,000 imported cars were sold in the U.S. in 1964, 300,000 of those were Volkswagens.
VW Fact #421: Infants born in a VW were eligible for a $50 savings bond under the VWoA sponsored "Bonds for Babies" program during the 1960s.
VW Fact #426: #5 on the 1965 VW dealer service checklist was "Deliver the car when promised."
VW Fact #488: When VWoA started advertising in 1959, they appointed two different ad agencies, one for Bugs and one for Transporters.
VW Fact #754: In the early 1960s, VW's standard plan for dealerships called for modern furniture, bright colors, and use of natural grain wood in their sales offices.
VW Fact #851: One of the many VW innovations: Two-speed windshield wipers

*Check out this crazy complex color chart for the Bug...and this one for the Squareback.
**Fun Facts courtesy of

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