Monday, January 4, 2010

In a past life, I was a pack rat.

Over the past few weeks I've been digging through my ancient art + craft supplies, looking for inspirational scraps and baubles. Partly for fun, and partly for a project (which I'll showcase soon). Here's a small taste of what I found mingled with messy charcoal, stubby colored pencils and discarded cross-stitch experiments. 
My grandpa was a postmaster. I think that's why I like stamps.

My parents bought an antique tool chest at a garage sale. They gave me some of the contents which included this still-packaged rick-rack and needle packs. 

My Aunt Jan uncovered a mini organizer full of buttons at an estate sale in the Columbia Gorge a few years ago. Here are a few, plus some other snippets of things.

And I found these darling treasures in a book I bought at the South Dakota Fair for a nickel.

Man, I'm glad I used to shove stuff under my bed. I don't any more, but am thinking that if it's paid off this time, it might pay off again. Just kidding. One episode of Hoarders on A&E (which I watched last night) will keep me from entertaining that idea for more than a millisecond. 


  1. Fun to see these items again!

  2. I am sure whatever you do with all of these treasues will be soooooo cool. I went to an exhibit yesterday about chocolate and was pleasantly surprised to see chocolate pots, chocolate tins and other items under glass much like what I have picked up over the years. Look up yo yo quilts for fun-I just made two for two girls whose grandma donated all her material to our church. Really fun and very cute! I may have to sew a few buttons on the next one I made. Happy collecting! xooxoauntjan