Monday, January 25, 2010

The Bathtub Guy

Jon Shelton is a friend of my business partner, Jennifer Mele. She introduced us a few weeks ago so we could work together on branding his start-up: a bathtub refinishing company. Jon has an entreprenurial spirit and therefore takes his new vision for the Bathtub Guy business very seriously. He’s passionate about serving people and confident in the service he provides.

If you need your tub refinished, Jon’s the guy. Visit and check out the gallery page. Before + Afters are always my favorite. (Site designed by Jason Rafanan of  LeftRight Creative Group.)

What we created for him is professional, clean and contemporary. We worked out the solution with the goal of franchising in mind. In addition to Seattle Bathtub Guy, there's already a Portland Bathtub Guy and eventually there will be a Boise Bathtub Guy, a Spokane Bathtub Guy...and many more Bathtub Guys...all across the region. Therefore, we had to project ahead to what the logo will look like applied to all the company uniforms and vehicles:

Fun, right!? I can't wait to see it all in real life. Meanwhile, the website will be updated before long with new headers like these:

I'm really happy with our brand development for Jon. And I love the parallel we've found between our companies: Jon revamps tubs to make them spic-and-span and I revamp logos to make them pretty and purposeful. Cheers to new clients and making the bathroom (and the marketing landscape) a prettier place!

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