Friday, January 8, 2010

StudioM | Process

Watching Objectified got me thinking about process. Specifically, my process. How do I go about creating things? And how should I communicate that to my clients? I decided to tackle these challenging inner questions and produce process documents. It's always easiest to grab the low-hanging fruit first, so this week I dug into what logo development looks like at StudioM.

I distilled the Logo Development Process down into 5 steps:
1) Research | Feeding the brain.

2 ) Brainstorm + Design | Let the magic begin.

3) Share | It's like Show & Tell, but better.

4) Refine | It's time to polish and shine.

5) Complete | Now we wrap it up! But it's really just the start...

This is the whole sheet, if you're curious:

Cheers to a clear and organized 2010!

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