Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sneak Peek | Shanty Retail Website

Shanty, the "home. closet. cafe." boutique in Newport, WA is ready to spread its wings and soar into retail cyberspace. I couldn't be more excited...for Maggie, my dear friend and client, and for myself. Really. Because now I can shop Shanty long-distance! And you can, too! Soon and very soon...

When I sent Maggie this first round of design direction over the holidays, I got this text in response: "I am freakin' blown away!! Chills and almost teary!!! You are fantastic!! We'll talk Monday. Loves." Favorite response to my work of all time.

Option A | Hompage

Option B | Hompage

Option C | Hompage

Which one do you think will make it into online retail reality? You'll have to wait and see! If you've been to Shanty, I'd love to hear which option seems to portray the unique Shanty experience best. We're in the middle of executing all of the other pages and then to the programmer they'll go.

The online boutique will be perched at the same url (www.shantyboutique.com) once it launches. I. Can't. Wait.

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