Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Midwest in the Winter

This past weekend my sister and I trekked back to South Dakota to visit family. My Grandpa Bob and Grandma Jo live in a small town of just over 400 people. What I love about going there (besides family, of course) is the plentitude of baked goods, snow drifts, frosty trees, flat land, tea time, game time and even, I must admit, the lack of cell phone or wireless internet services which forces me offline and into the moment. Thank goodness. I need that reminder more often than I’ll accept it. Life isn’t about email, the internet, blogging or Facebook updates. It’s about people. Family. Loving those around you. Laughing at the little things. And child-like play.

Malarie and I had a precious weekend with our grandparents and a couple of our cousins. We walked the town (which you can’t get lost in even if you try....which we have) and reminisced about the hot summers, afternoons at the pool, snakes in the garden, legs sprinkled with misquito bites and family reunions. Christmas gatherings, bike rides, church services and pickled beets.

Malarie and I played in the snow, scaled the plowed piles and came home with wet clothes and big smiles. I spent some time wandering the house - soaking in all the things that I’ve seen a million times, but love more now than ever.
Grandma's Spoon Collection

Rag rugs in the laundry room

Grandpa’s meticulous magazine and book library: A treasure trove for me as I was in the middle of research for a steel target company while I was there.

Looking through family photo albums - a tradition! That's my dad on the back of the bike.

And the scenery. Gorgeous.

If the fog hadn’t floated in, you could see the land until the curvature of the earth swooped it out of sight.
The field across from our Great Grandpa Ed’s house. 
Life is beautiful.
I'm so glad beautiful South Dakota has been a part of mine.

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  1. Megan - the pics, your words and you all sparkle here! I'm moved by who you are and how you help me see! And yes, you DO need more breaks like this!