Thursday, January 21, 2010

Green Goose | Your Green Nest Egg

I met Brian at World Cup in December of 2008 to talk about a project he was working on called Green Goose. I was instantly intrigued with the name and interested in the concept behind the company. Brian has developed technology that is capable of capturing and tracking all sorts of energy savings: heating and cooling, biking and driving, water and electricity...and he's done so in a very accessible manner. The cost of tracking your savings is nominal. And above all, it's fun!

We started with a logo...

Then business cards...

Next, the website...

And now, over a year later, test groups have been gathered, trials have been executed, a beta website has been launched, investors are intrigued and the ball is officially rolling. We’ve been through several iterations of the website, promotional pieces, packaging and mock-ups. Here are some illustrations I did early on that have since been replaced*, but I like how they show all of the places the little green eggs can go and all the things they can do.

Below is a window cling we recently produced for the coffee shops in Portland, Oregon supporting the Green Goose technology and idea by housing a egg hub 'gateway' that bikers can utilize to track their miles (with purchase of a Green Goose sensor that clips to your front forks). If you bike in Portland, watch for the Green Goose sign at your favorite cafe! (Currently at World Cup, Dragonfly and Crema.)

Visit to find out more and get involved in the Green Goose community.
*Current website illustrations by Annette Sabo.

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