Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Workaholism Monster

Sometimes this big meanie grabs me by its tentacles and as much as I wriggle and squirm it won't let go.

“The workaholic maintains a frantic schedule. He is consistently preoccupied with performance. He finds it difficult to refuse additional responsibilities. He is unable to relax. If someone you know exhibits these characteristics, he or she is probably a workaholic.” - Bill Hybels
Many have called me a bona fide workaholic. I've even said it myself. There are days I pride myself in the title, thinking that it equates good work ethic and movement towards success. The truth is, if I don't dash away and get out from under it's shadow, I become exhausted and uninspired. Even as I say that I think to myself, "But you love what you do! Work is fun, Megan!" and that's true. I love what I do. Work is fun. But too much work isn't healthy - for me or my clients.

My mentor shared a powerful thought with me earlier this year: If you never say, "No", what does that say about your "Yes"es? 

With the new year just on the other side of midnight, I'm proposing a renewed focus to myself. Focus on saying yes only to the things that will take me where I go. Saying no to the things that won't. Making my "yes"es have value. The Workaholism Monster might be incredibly alluring and impossibly strong, but that doesn't mean I'll let it control my life.

Cheers to saying "No." in 2010!

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