Wednesday, December 23, 2009

French Press Coffee Labels. Complete.

The French Press coffee labels are done! They made their debut at the shop in Salem the week after Thanksgiving. And they've received a warm reception. From most, that is. Mike Taylor, the boss-man at French Press, told me a funny anecdote last week when I went to visit: the wife one of the regulars stopped in to stock up on whole bean coffee, which happened to be labeled with the new designs, and when she got home her husband threw a fit because he was convinced she got coffee from the wrong place. (The bags used to simply be stamped, as seen here.) Once he calmed down and realized that in fact it was French Press coffee, his coffee, he was happy as a clam with the new label. Whew.

The only thing you can't see from these high quality scans is the UV spot varnish we had applied to all the French Press 'stamp' logos. See the light reflecting off it in the photos below? Yum.

Project: French Press Coffee Line Labels
Client: French Press Roasters
Design + Art Direction: StudioM
Copywriting: Jason Barnes
Printer: Brown Printing


  1. Wow, Megan, nice work! Definitely an upgrade from their stamp! Beautiful!

  2. Thanks, ladies! Someday you'll be able to buy these beans online, too! Maybe not all the way from Russia though, Vangie...we'll see ;) xoxo