Friday, December 18, 2009

The Free Agent Formula

The Free Agent Formula is a kit that was put together by Reach Group Consulting. I was introduced to Lisa Johnson, the CEO and founder of Reach Group by my mentor several months ago. I was so inspired by her story, her knowledge and her passion that I knew I had to get my hands on the Free Agent kit ASAP. So I did. For the last few months I've been working through the workbook and audio disks - journaling what I'm learning. Long story short, it has essentially forever changed the way I think about working for myself.

Here's one exercise that I have found to be very valuable. It's really simple, but so revealing. Lisa suggests you do this once a week if you can. Eight questions to help you take your own pulse (repeat frequently):
  1. What gave me joy and energy this week?
  2. What was a hassle, boring or just a big pain?
  3. I would love to try ____________.
  4. I would like to work more with ____________.
  5. I would like to limit my involvement with _________.
  6. What area of my business needs the most support or direction right now?
  7. I need to figure out a way to do ________ differently.
  8. I am noticing _____________.
Can you answer all of those? I have a hard time with some of them sometimes, but it's worth pushing myself to do so. Here's what I've got for today:
  1. I found joy and energy in sending work to clients that I knew fit their needs perfectly.
  2. Resizing what seemed like a bazillion photos for a web project was definitely a hassle, boring and a big pain.
  3. I would love to try to do more work by hand before jumping on the computer.
  4. I would like to work more with advertising campaigns.
  5. I would like to limit my involvement with projects that aren't strategic, or come from a one-time client. 
  6. Bookkeeping is the area of my business that needs the most direction right now. (Thanks to my accounting-major-holding husband, it is heading in the right direction!)
  7. I need to figure out a way to do my backup drives differently.
  8. I am noticing that as the holidays approach and work gets hectic, I am happy. I'm noticing that the Portland creative industry is totally flooded with really fantastic people. I'm noticing that my time-management skills are improving ... until I procrastinate.  I'm noticing that in this digital age people are craving things that are tactile and real. I'm noticing vintage color schemes. I'm noticing pre-Helvetica advertising (thanks to the film). I'm noticing that blogging is reaching a new level of quality, consistency and creativity. I'm noticing weddings being branded (some well, some not so well). I'm noticing the font Papyrus being used inappropriately. Everywhere. And I'm noticing that it makes me angry.


  1. Smiling at the "all" that this says about you, Lisa and God's delight in your heart, work and hands!

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