Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wired | Handcrafted Custom Jewelry

Every summer the neighborhood has a huge neighborhood-wide garage sale. I religiously attend this annual event. I have found more fabulous things than I can remember...and passed up some I can't forget and regret not snatching up to this day. (Pathetic, I know.) The best thing I've ever 'found' though, has to be one of my now clients! The event brings everyone out for the weekend and last summer I met one of my parents' fabulous neighbors, Sloane. Sloane Pereyra and her family lives two doors down from my parents' house. When we met she was just starting to get serious about her jewelry-making business. It was a side gig she wanted to ramp up as her youngest child was heading to school in the coming year. My mom was all over that endeavor as it meant cool, custom frippery being sold within 100 yards of her home. I happily joined in the jewelry browsing; the crystal horseshoe earrings above is what caught my eye that warm summer afternoon. And I love them. They're a little glam and a little rock and roll but super feminine.

When Sloane decided she needed a professional look for Wired, she came to me. We went through the logo development process and had a lot of fun doing it! What we settled on is unique, fresh, funky, clean and mimics her main materials: wire + crystal/stone. Above all, it communicates what Wired is all about: handcrafted custom quality that's also stylish.

Here are just a few options from an earlier round:

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  1. I wear her jewelry all the time! So fun. Extra exciting to see your touch on this side of it.