Friday, October 2, 2009

SNEAK PEEK! French Press Coffee Labels

Well, it's been a year since I started working with French Press. They've made quite a name for themselves in the Salem area and are ready to start looking as legitimate as they are....with official coffee bag labels. Their whole bean coffee blends come in (approx.) 1-pound bags. To date, they've used a large custom rubber stamp to indicate the dark, medium and light roasts (as seen in the background of this image). And it's worked well, but as they expand their whole bean blend selection (and offer online shopping in the near future), they will need a better way to market their beans. Enter: StudioM. Below are the first round comps I presented to the team earlier this week. We're working on a hybrid, so sit tight and you'll see the final design when it's done. The goal is to visually portray the fine craft and fabulous flavors French Press has to offer...and get the coffee to fly off the shop's shelves! There's no reason it shouldn't. It's really, really good.


  1. Thanks, El! I'll let you know what we end up with....we're in Round 2 right now. Hope you had a fabulous vacation!! So jealous!

  2. the labels alone make we WANT some now...great look