Monday, October 19, 2009

Alumni Art Show | You're Invited

Tomorrow is the closing reception for 'Voices', an alumni art show at George Fox University in Newberg, OR. Although I was asked to participate, gratefully accepted, prepped my work and delivered several pieces for the show, I still have not seen the show officially up in the Lindgren Gallery. Shame on me! I am planning to remedy this and will certainly be showing my face at the closing show tomorrow. I'd like to see your faces, too, so you're all invited to join me.

Meanwhile, to feed our imaginations of what the show holds, I've posted an article written by a dear friend, Leah Rupp. She works with her husband, Bryan of Bryan Rupp Photography and is taking classes at GFU, including a journalism class. Hence, the article:

Alumni Artists Exhibit Work
by Leah Rupp

Newberg- On Sep 1, six George Fox Art Department graduates returned to their alma mater to show their work in the annual alumni art exhibit. An artist’s statement accompanies displays that hang on the walls of the Lindgren gallery beside Bauman Auditorium. The title of this year’s exhibit is “Voices.”

Artists include painters Olga Ceballos, Kathleen Jones, Chelsea Carbonell and Elizabeth Kuzmovick, as well as graphic designers Jessica Brittell and Megan Clark. Brittell and Clark faced the challenge of showing design work, which according to Clark “isn’t typically found in a gallery setting.”

In her artist’s statement, 2006 alumni Jessica Brittell said, “Design is complicated. It’s not easy to portray in exhibit fashion.” Her solution was to re-create a life sized model of the graphic and interior design work she did at “Crush,” a wine bar in Newberg. Viewers can flip through the menu, wine list, and other printed materials in the setting of a real dining room with place settings.

Clark chose to exhibit one of her favorite pieces, a promotional poster created probono for the Portland Advertising Federation. “I really like the strong concept behind it,” she said. “The creative director proposed a boxing theme and we all really got into it. We did a whole photoshoot - Rocky music and all. That’s why it’s a favorite of mine, because of the memories made in the process.”

Painter Elizabeth Kuzmovich said, “since graduating from George Fox in 2008 I have been experimenting with visual ways to illustrate displacement, replacement and ambiguity in
relationships.” Kuzmovich’s work includes acrylic, gouache, and watercolor paintings that she said are, “an approach to the human figure done less objectively.”

One goal of “Voices” is to inspire current George Fox art students about what the future holds. “I remember how much I revered those who traversed before me,” said Megan Clark. “My desire is to do for current students what viewing alumni work did for me.”

Hope to see you there!

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