Thursday, October 1, 2009

Reina Style Consulting | Logo + Business Cards

Brianna Showell's day job is being a Footwear Product Line Manager at Nike at the World Headquarters Campus in Beaverton, Oregon where she orchestrates all sorts of amazing things (you may just be wearing a pair of shoes she helped bring into existence). On top of this, Brianna, who goes by 'Bari', just got her MBA from University of Oregon, Executive Program. But get this: She's always argued that she has no real marketable skills. Ha! I beg to differ.

She's more amazing than she realizes. Whether it's figuring out what works best for a particular body type, making the hippest trends work in everyday wear, rehabbing drab hand-me-downs into fab garments, shopping for the perfect black dress pants or assembling the ideal event ensemble, she's got it down. We've all known this about Bari for years. She's entertained the idea of creating a small side business out of her style skills, but always felt like it was something she should just do for fun. Finally (thank goodness!) one of her girlfriend scheduled a consulting session and refused to let Bari do it for free. "Oh, and by the way", she said, "I've already lined up like three other clients for you. So kick it in gear." (Love her!)

Bari took her seriously and really did kick it in gear. She decided to call her company Reina Style Consulting. Reina is her maiden name and means 'queen' in Spanish. How cool is that!? We developed a very regal logo and some pretty business cards last month and Michael, her husband is developing the Reina Style Consulting website as we speak.

I was at a ladies' event earlier this week and overhead someone say, "I just need someone to pick out my outfits for me." Of course I had to interject, "Bari just started a company doing just that! It's called Reina Style Consulting and she'll come to your house, go through your closet with you and lay out outfits for you to wear...and tell you what you should never wear again. And she'll tell you what works for your body type and make a little cheat sheet for you and shop with you and...and...and..." You get the picture. I heart Bari...and her very marketable style services.

Side note: If you were wondering, yes, this Brianna is the same as the baby shower Brianna. Her baby boy will be THE most stylish kid on the face of the planet.


  1. Megs--i just love you!!!! Thanks for the most beautiful logo and business cards ever.
    You're the best (:

  2. Great job you two!!!! Love it!