Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Brianna's havin' a baby.

My girlfriends and I organized the most beautiful baby shower brunch I've ever seen. Granted, I haven't been to many. And I might be a little biased. But seriously: owls, pears, driftwood, dahlias, polenta, baby cupcakes, frittatas and mimosas. What more could you ask for? Maybe just the cutest prego girl ever (AKA Brianna Showell). We're all so excited for you, friend! Your baby shower was a blast and we can't meet your little boy in November.

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention our little celebrity baby game. If you want to borrow it, feel free. If you want the original (key included!) just shoot me an email. Although, I have to warn you: there are a couple errors, so the first part of the test will be making the corrections. Regardless, celebrities are crazy about crazy baby names.


  1. Definitely one of the most beautiful, classy showers I've been to!

  2. IT WAS A BLAST!! I had the best time with my best gals (:

  3. hey meg! I am really loving your designs here, they are so fresh and lovely!
    jennifer joy