Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Egg Press Sample Sale was AWESOME.

I just have to say it's a good thing Egg Press took all forms of payment for their Summer Sample Sale. A couple of my girlfriends and I trekked down to their little warehouse in SE Portland on Friday morning (after a cup of coffee and pastries from Sweetpea Baking Co.). When we walked in and saw the tables and tables of letterpress and offset goods, I just started drooling. And when I saw the prices I just drooled some more! $1 per card!? Bundles for $5 each!? Are you kidding me? Hallmark can't even do that. And these cards are waaaaaay better. Jackpot.

Way back last fall I attended an Office event where Egg Press's founder spoke about her entrepreneurial journey. Ever since, I've been enamoured with their company and killer work. Now, I have plenty of it in my stationary stash to admire. If you're nice, you might just get a cool Egg Press card from StudioM someday. And next time a Sample Sale rolls around I'll invite you all to join me in the bargain shopping. Love you, Egg Press.

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