Friday, September 18, 2009

Windlab Air Mail

Windlab, the global wind energy development company, has new business cards! Now the West Coast office, the Canada office, the Midwest office, the two Australia offices and the South Africa office all look like they're a part of the same company. Good move. But how were we supposed to get the cards delivered to those offices? I couldn't really jaunt around the world dropping care packages from the plane. Although I wish I could. And it costs an arm and a leg (well, at least the cost of a designer handbag) to send thousands of business cards to Australia. Hmmm.

Then Alisa, the Regional Director for the West Coast had a great idea: One of Windlab's Australian employees, Ranmadhu, was working locally for a couple weeks. What if he could tote the cards home with him? Yes. That could work.

We called the printer and rushed through the approval process to get them done in time for him to grab them and still catch his flight out last night. With Brown Printing's help, the mission was completed. They turned these cards in 2 days flat. 3,750 cards + 5,000 preprints. Awesome. Once again they save the day.

Windlab, I have a great idea for you: Start an air mail service. It just makes sense: wind power + air mail. Right? Especially if it helps you afford a new designer handbag.

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