Wednesday, September 9, 2009

StudioM | Day 365

September 9th, 2008 was my last official day at my previous job. I didn't quit, take a leave of absence, find a new gig or just get sick and tired of it. The company went bankrupt. Therefore, I embarked on an unexpected journey of self-employment. Although I had always done side work and found a lot of enjoyment and rewarding experiences doing so, I never thought I was actually ready to take the leap and go out on my own full-time. (Whatever 'ready' means.) Until I was forced to try. So try I did.

I've learned more in the last year than maybe ever in my life. I'm so thankful for the turn of events, however painful and sad they were.....because I've found my way into a new place where I'm experiencing happiness and growth.

I've been burned, learned some hard lessons, designed a lot of stuff, produced over 130 jobs, spent a lot of time and money at Kinkos, said 'yes' more than 'no', drank more coffee than one person should and stayed up later than my body wanted me to. I've played designer, art director, production manager, bookkeeper, receptionist, account manager and janitor all at once. (Good thing I get a kick out of multi-tasking!)

Now I have my very own thriving business that is sustaining my creative and financial needs. Don't get me wrong - there are days where I wonder if I'll ever get enough business to stay afloat, but inevitably a call or email comes in and someone can use my help. Those are the moments where I am so utterly amazed and so confident that I've found 'my thing'. This is right where I'm supposed to be. Thank you all for your support and business over the last year. There are more good years to come.


  1. and we, the world at large, are SO grateful you did. You are crazy talented at everything!!! Love you meg! Cheers to as many years doing this as you would wish.

  2. Wow, has it been a year already?? Congrats Megan! I can completely relate to that first year, except Greg and I would bounce around to coffee shops with our laptops to work, I think we learn more every single year, it's like playing the game of life, but it's called the game of entrepreneur (: Keep at it, it's so worth it!

  3. Who would ever choose the difficult days life throws our way? Not one of us! And then, when we see the way in which they work wonders in our lives, we would never give them back! Gifts wrapped in strange paper. All of them.

  4. Well-put! Let's not let the strange paper scare us...

  5. What an uplifting story! You are mad talented, driven and dedicated... the keys to your success! A toast to continued growth and prosperity in Year 2!!!