Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bakery & Bistro | Now Open

This is not the first time I've sung the praises of Bakery D'Amour. And it won't be the last. If you're in the Salem area and haven't modified your route to accommodate a bakery stop, you're missing out. That's exactly what I'm trying to prove with this post. Feel free to salivate/drool as necessary. Just stay clear of your keyboard.

Turkey Cobb Salad. Scrumptious.

Turkey Pot Pie. Comfort Food at its finest.

Ruben Romance. Really.

This was my Grand Opening gift for the bakery. It came from Every Day is a Holiday on Etsy. They were recently featured in New York Times Magazine for this piece in particular. You can read more about it in the online article. It's a very cool idea. And perfect, I thought, for the bakery.

I generally try to follow directions, but instead of a cupcake for dessert, I got....

...2 lovely cookies, a chocolate-dipped macaroon, a cannolo, and two florentine crisps. I'm pretty sure we made up for the directional deviation in proportion. And each item comes highly recommended by me and my tasting team! Ha.

One of my darling dates for the day. My mom. Because a trip to the bakery should be a family affair.


  1. oooohhhh how fabb!!!! Thank SO SO much for making us a part of your gift giving!!

    Everything looks soooo deeeelish!!!! I so wish we were closer!!!!

    Thanks bunches doll!!!!
    XOXO Jenny...and Aaron

  2. It was a day to remember! Great food, fun and family. Love it - love it - love it.

  3. Um, next time you go here can I be your date? :)

  4. Yes, please! That would be fun, Christy!

  5. bahaha. i love the 'keep calm and have a cupcake' poster.