Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Brown Printing + Windlab | Press Check

This morning Alisa Patterson of Windlab Systems and I got to press check a project we've been working on for the past few months. I don't want to give too much away, so you'll have to wait until the project's done and I can post more to learn more about Windlab and the part they play in the amazing wind power industry. Meanwhile, I want to share some shots from today's press check. We're working with Brown Printing in Portland, Oregon. I go to them for many of my projects - especially those with shorter runs. Brown consistently offers above-average quality - from customer service to craftsmanship.

L: Isn't color a beautiful thing? This project is being run with 5 colors. 4-color build + a spot color.
R: It's running on Brown's new Komori press. Pretty + clean.

L: That's what 1,000 sheets of paper looks like all stacked up.
R: Since I can't show you the finished piece yet, here's a little peek at one of the plates. Believe it or not, Brown uses a chemistry-free process for plating. They're one of only a few who do in the Portland area.

And I just had to share these so you can see the contrast between the new press and the old presses. 
L: There's a father-and-son pressmen team working on letter press.
R: The Heidelberg letter press is dirty, old, loud and smells like years of ink and paper. I love it.

Brown gets a blue ribbon from me. Call them next time you need something printed.

And if you like learning about the printing process and are craving more, you should check out Pocket Pal, a little handbook produced by International Paper. It's the perfect 'handy book of graphics arts production'. No wonder it's currently in it's 20th edition! 

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