Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Can chicken tweet? Absolutely.

Twitter is taking over the world. Even the wonderful world of Kentucky Fried Chicken...at least in Clark County. The local franchisee, Scott Dickinson, asked if I could help him make his Twitter profile page more snazzy. 'Sure!' I said. Sad to say, at that point I hadn't even hatched into the land of Twitter. I know, I was so behind the times. So I spread my wings, signed myself up (@megjoyclark if you want to follow!), and figured out how to customize a profile. Now, Dickinson Northwest is the coolest tweeting franchise on the block (@kfcdnw). It's pretty easy when you're armed with vintage photos of the Colonel himself. How cool is that!?

Scott, thanks for keeping me hip. Tweeting is sweet. But it's especially sweet when a client tweets some love my way! I honestly didn't realize @megjoyclark was getting world-wide kudos until long after I snagged this screen shot. Thanks again! Now all of you go eat some chicken. Or at least follow one.....


  1. i have been refraining for-EVER! I can't believe you are tweeting. sigh. maybe I should cave.

  2. Thanks Megan for the great job you did for us. The representation of us on our Twitter profile is just how I wanted it to come off. You were great to work with and I can't wait for our next project together.
    Scott C. Dickinson