Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Shanty!

Shanty is turning one! Hip-hip-horray!

And there's more to cheer about because Maggie, the lovely owner of the quaint boutique (and my client) has decided to throw a party to celebrate. Tasty treats, special deals on special drinks and a gift with purchase. July 1. All day long. (Although the garden party starts at 4pm.)

What's more: Visit - Once you see the anniversary post, comment on it to have your name entered in a drawing! Happy Birthday, Shanty - Happy Day, Everyone. Maggie, you have given all of us such a great place to shop, party and play. We're celebrating you just as much as the shop on July 1!

You can read more about Shanty here and here.


  1. What would the Shanty have done without you this last year. You are so dear. I dreamed the Shanty...and you gave it her Identity. LOVES!

  2. We visit Shanty's on a daily basis. Maggie and her friendly employees make the best coffees in town !
    We like their blended coffees.. ! We also have a special liking for their candles.
    Maggie has a lot of really neat gifts to offer as well !

  3. I'm so jealous you get to visit so often! I could spring for a blended coffee RIGHT NOW for sure. If only I wasn't 6 hours away......mmmm....