Friday, June 26, 2009

Quote | Scott Adams + The 'Work-From-Home-Together' Party

This morning I'm having a 'Work-From-Home-Together Party'. I've invited all of my local friends and colleagues who are self-employed, like me, to come over and play office at my house. We all lead pretty isolated work lives - which is not always a bad thing - but I thought it would be interesting to make mistakes into art together. There are going to be cinnamon rolls, lots of coffee, get-to-work sort of music, snacks and shop talk. Regardless of how much work we get done (keep in mind we are women and we work alone most of the time which means CHIT CHAT!), we will have a small work community for the day. And I'm definitely looking forward to that. See you soon, ladies!

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  1. The day was so fun! We got snacks, sun and SOME work done! Success.