Monday, June 1, 2009

Boone Bridge Books | Logo Facelift

My dear friend and business partner, Jennifer Mele, brought a wonderful client to the ad agency we previously worked for. It's an online book retailer called Boone Bridge Books. They came to us with a newly designed logo that they were all very excited about. We were happy they loved their logo, but there were several issues with the graphic that had to be addressed:
1) Firstly, they're a web-based company. Therefore, their logo is seen in a digital format more often than not. Drop shadows and small type are typically hard to use in that medium; readability is king. 
2) Also, there was a lot of repetition: 3 large 'B's, 'Boone Bridge Books', and ''. It was sort of like three logos in one. Don't get me wrong, I really love repetition. It's a crucial element of design. I just don't love it in a logo. Simplicity is key.
3) Finally, they had experienced some confusion coming from their clientele about the 'L' in the logo. Do you see it? It was never intended to be perceived as an 'L'. But people would ask, "What does 'LB' stand for?" Confusion should be prevented by a logo, not created.

So, we took a deep breath and asked if they would mind us taking a crack at a few new renditions. They said, "Um....sure. Why not!" And off we went. After countless versions, this is what we presented and Boone Bridge Books chose to represent their company (it happened to be my favorite, too - love that) :

What we kept:
- Red color (PMS186 if you were wondering)
- Typeface choice 
- Book icon

What we changed:
- Drop shadow was extracted
- The repetition was eliminated (Instead of including the entire url, simply added '.com' below the company name)
- The final type was finessed
- The book icon was simplified to an elegant chevron-like shape

Boone Bridge Books was really happy with their logo facelift. That made Jennifer and I happy, too. And it gets even better. We were able to produce an entire identity system based on the adapted logo. Beautiful. 

Next time you need a book, visit!


  1. The first thing I thought was "what's the L for?" ha ha

  2. Hi Megan,

    Mary and I truly love the logo. It has served us well.

    Take care