Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bakery D'Amour | Sneak Peek

There's something new and exciting coming from the same people who brought you French Press in Salem, Oregon: a bakery! It's going to be the best bakery on the West Coast. For. Sure. When we started the logo-creation process, I had the team give me a list of adjectives they would use to describe what the bakery will be like. (It's currently under construction.) This is what we ended-up with: French (obviously), Delicious, Quality, Creative, Classy, Top-Drawer, Family-Inspired, Tucked into the Neighborhood, All Made From Scratch, Friendly and Fun (and we knew we wanted a bakery bike in there somewhere). What a great list. I used these adjectives along with lots of research to inspire me along the logo-creation road. And inspired I was! As you can see below, we've got a lot of options. Some are very similar; all are rooted in the business goals and objectives. This is more than I usually show a client for the first round, but seriously, how could I cut any of them from the running!? Any one of them could be successful, but the challenge is choosing only one to take us forward. So.....tell us what you think! What's your vote? (You'll probably have to click on each set so it enlarges to really examine them enough to decide.)

I am so honored to be working with the French Press + Bakery D'Amour team. They've got a exceptional vision for some extraordinary additions to Salem. I can't wait to see Bakery D'Amour come to life. Stay tuned....and cast your vote! (If you'd like to see more identity work from StudioM, visit


  1. oh how fun!! i love voting :) it's a tie for me between #6 and #8...i'm leaning towards #6 though. thanks for sharing! it's fun seeing a peek of your design process :)

  2. I'm pitching my vote for #6 or #7. Great stuff!

  3. this is a hard one! I like #4 the best. but i REALLY like the bike with the bread in #2 but i don't like the word.word.word tag line. it's overused. Awesome job

  4. I'm a fan of #5