Tuesday, April 28, 2009

StudioM | Now Serving French Press

My office smells of coffee beans. Whether it's the breathing in deeply because of it or the coffee itself that's making my day oh so nice, I'm not sure. Either way, French Press is responsible. This morning I had the pleasure of visiting French Press in Salem, OR. They're one of my clients and a place I wish could frequent more than just visit. You see, they have extremely high standards when it comes to coffee. If and when you go, you'll never be served a cup of joe made from beans roasted more than 72 hours ago. As you can imagine, I wanted to pick up pounds and pounds of whole bean coffee, but just thinking of trying to drink it all within 72 hours for maximum freshness gave me the jitters. So I got a pound. Fresh is always best. 

But don't take my word for it. Get yourself and your coffee+crepe-craving taste buds down to French Press. Stat. Unless of course you're planning on stopping in at StudioM where you might just be able to convince me to let you in on the sort-of-true 'Now Serving French Press' offer. If I answer the door with the jitters, you'll know you came a moment too late.

Table cards we created to promote whole bean coffee.

I love a well-placed logo.
Landscaping is being done as we speak. Stay tuned for official Grand Opening information...


  1. Yeah! Your work is amazing, Meg. Someday we'll make a lONG date of driving to Salem for coffee. Sounds like an adventure! :)