Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A logo in bloom.

Believe it or not, a week ago Amanda and I had no idea each other existed. When she first contacted me, she said, "I need a logo! Fast!". She'd signed up to advertise on and the deadline was a mere 7 days away. I thought about it for a second, decided not to waste another minute, and say, "Okay! We can do it!". And ta-da! Today she has a romantic, chic and modern mark to represent her company. You can find out more about Amanda and her fabulous floral services on her blog. Also, she had a photo shoot last week to get some professional shots showcasing her work. Bethany F. did a great job. See below.

Amanda, you are on a roll! Thanks for letting me roll along with you! Best wishes.


  1. that's too funnny! i know bethany. the logo looks great meg! fantastic!

  2. Hi Melissa, saw your post on my blog:) you should send me your link! Didn't Megan do a great job? thanks again, it was a breeze working with you!

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