Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sneak Peek | Our Portland Story

"Our Portland Story is part coffee-table book, part yearbook, and part insiders travel guide, but is all about Portland by Portlanders. Our Portland Story sought submissions of text and images from Portlanders of all walks of life that together capture many different aspects of the city at this place in time...This story project is an independent creative venture spearheaded by Portland designer, Melissa Delzio." 

I was fortunate to be invited to get involved with this project (and if you're an interested designer, let me know and I'll hook you up with Melissa). The story I was assigned to work with came from a dear woman named Alice. She was a sophomore in a Portland high school when World War II ended. That day remains a vivid memory for her - and for more reasons than you might expect! Click on the below layout below to read more. It's been such an honor to design a page around Alice's story and at least try to portray the joyous rupture in the streets on that day. It will be so exciting to see how all of the other designers were inspired to design around their stories. The book is scheduled to be produced in 2009. Stay tuned...

Photos in layout courtesy of The Oregon Historical Society.