Friday, April 24, 2009

The Global Awards - We have a winner!

The Marquis Companies 'Vital Life Book' was awarded a Finalist Certificate in the 2008 Global Awards. (Okay, when I said winner, I really meant finalist.) This book is a project that was and is near and dear to my heart. Marquis is a company that was a client at an ad agency where I spent 2 and a half years. During that time I got to know and understand Marquis's people, their residents and their mission very well. And I wholeheartedly love each part of what they do. Apparently that ardor shows! The book is comprised of touching stories from residents, inspirational quotes and thought-provoking questions.

From The Global Awards Website:
"The Global Awards are recognized as the only awards dedicated to excellence in healthcare communications on an international basis. The Globals have achieved the status of the world’s most coveted honor in this field....the mission of The Global Awards is to lift the perception of creativity above clever headlines and smart design, and to explore the feelings and emotions transmitted between a message’s creator and its recipient...The Global Awards honor this profound connection."

Getting that recognition feels like winning no matter what. Congratulations to all involved.

Book credit:
Rick Dalbey, Creative Director
Megan Clark, Art Director and Designer
Steve Bloch, Photographer
Jennifer Mele, Account Manager

Photo credit: 
Award certificate,
Book, Art Directed by Megan Clark, Photographed by Steve Bloch.

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  1. These books are truly amazing....and create unexpected emotion as you absorb the pages of stories and pictures. Love them.