Monday, April 13, 2009

Play artist. Minus the despondent, starving part.

I ran across this photo taken of my parents in college and just had to figure out a way to make it something more. Instead of simply printing an enlarged copy or ordering photo mugs or a tawdry mouse pad, I decided to try something different. Paint. But not like you'd expect. I went through a series of experimental steps and ended up with a contemporary, abstract and very custom piece.

If you want detailed steps on the process, just say so! And don't worry, I'll let you take all of the credit. After all, creating an original piece of artwork isn't as hard as it looks. But you don't have to tell everyone else that. (Photo courtesy of Rick & Annie Weber)


  1. Meg helped me create 2 HUGE ones of me and my husband last year. THANK YOU MEG for rubbing off your creative juices on others! (which led me to help 2 others create ones for their spouses!)