Monday, December 20, 2010

a birds-eye-view

Things always look a little different from above. There's something about an aerial view that inspires awe, curiosity and a new-found perspective on life. I had the privilege of getting just such a view last week. My husband, the proud holder of a private pilots' license, convinced me to play hooky from work on Friday morning and take a flight with him. After weighing the pros and cons (which included but were not limited to the following: cool photos vs. missed client calls, time with the hubs vs. wearing a rented headset, sunshine and beauty vs. the ever-present fear of crashing) I decided to go. And a new level of trust was born.

There are some gorgeous views from the ground in the Northwest. Those views only get better from 3000 feet in the air. Plus, the birds-eye-view makes one notice pattern, texture, light, line, contrast and other things that would otherwise go unseen. And that would be a shame. So, enjoy these  (many!) second-hand flight visuals and don't forget to play hooky.
 the current reveals itself
 Mount St. Helens on a clear day
foreboding fog
 lumber commerce in action
repetition is abundant in nature
maps are amazing
 no wonder so many rivers go by 'snake'
a river bed
the coastline at astoria
 mountainous majesty
land, organized
this is where all the rain goes
what makes the water different colors?
a grown-ups' sand box


  1. Thanks, Jess. Design principles are EVERYWHERE!! :)

  2. I love these pics, and i love PDX! Good stuff Meg (:

  3. These are great, what a rare nice day. My dad is a private pilot, he's glad to hear that there are younger people still enthusiastic about small aircraft.

  4. Loved this amazing tour. I'm in New York, but my sister lives in Portland and I hope to see her this Spring for the second time.

    Nice to have a peak into your designer world, too!


  5. Thank You! Hope you can make it out here, too. Spring is always fresh and abundant!