Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Studio Client: Freedom Fashionistas

I'm happy to announce a relatively new client here at StudioM/Clark & Co: Freedom Fashionistas! There's no website to direct you to yet, as FF is a freshly-born idea from Rose Corazza and Niecy Locricchio out of Denver, Colorado. After many logo renditions through the logo development process, we landed on a flair-filled wordmark (using a typeface called Satisfaction by Andrew Leman) as shown above.

Here's an excerpt from the creative brief, created by Jim Terry, owner and copywriter at The Mother Ship:

"Freedom Fashionistas is an organization started in 2010 as a vehicle to provide economic opportunity and stability for women in need by bringing their products to the marketplace. Our goal is to make a difference in the world by focusing on women – particularly women freed from or at risk for Human Trafficking.

Our first project is a sewing center with a product line of pajama pants. FF will provide the fabric and necessary materials to sew the product. The women will receive a fair-wage price for each piece, with an additional amount set aside in a bank account. These funds will be disbursed to the woman upon completing the program being provided by our partner agency – and can be used to help a woman start a business, pay for school, or find housing.

Through partnerships with like-minded organizations, Freedom Fashionistas will collaborate to meet the spiritual, emotional and economic needs of women to offer hope, so that each woman, along with her children, will experience what it means to be truly free."

Several other logo options that came from the exploration:


  1. Nice work, Megan! And congrats on the new client.

  2. i love seeing the logos that didn't make it...i actually have a different favorite than the one that won, but there's so much good work here, it's hard to choose!