Thursday, April 29, 2010

Greenleaves, LLC | Business Card Design

If you caught the previous Greenleaves, LLC post, you know that in developing their brand, we wanted to communicate professionalism, efficiency, creativity, usefulness, quality and kindness. While researching this Arizona-based start-up, I was struck with the thought that although their initial branches of business aren’t all directly associated, overall the goal is the same: Do good. Facilitate growth. I shared this thought with them and they liked it so much we decided to feature it on their business card, above. The card also features the chosen logo direction.

Cheers to you, Greenleaves! With some good design to represent you, you're on your way to doing a lot of good in the world.


  1. this is just beautiful card you have shared..i need when design Metal business cards..thanks for sharing it.

  2. This is simple card ....but i love you give title it green card and here it green leaves so cute.
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