Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Free Agent Formula. The story continues.

In December I wrote about The Free Agent Formula (FAF) and how it had "forever changed the way I [thought] about working for myself". That statement still stands to be true. Better yet, the story continues. Lisa, founder of ReachGroup and co-author of FAF approached me recently and asked if StudioM would be interested in doing so work for her. Before she could even finish her thought I'm sure I blurted out,  "Yes! Please!" Although working with Lisa promised to be fairly intimidating having had a peek into her repertoire of savvy marketing and thoughtful business solutions on top of her high-caliber contact list, she is the most kind, encouraging and inspiring friend and mentor. Thanks to her openness to design direction, we've come up with some really great layouts for the FAF website redesign. Here they are:
We're now delving into the design execution of the entire site, based on the first option show above. I'm pretty excited about it. What's even more exciting is that Lisa and I have even more up our sleeves...stay tuned.

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