Monday, April 12, 2010

ReStyle | Grand Opening Gala

On Friday afternoon my mom and I jumped in the car and headed south on I-5. It was a sunny afternoon and the perfect time for a drive. Our destination: Albany, OR. Albany is the cutest little town of 50,000, just 11 miles from Corvallis, OR (home of Oregon State University) in the Willamette Valley. We weren't just there to enjoy the sun and sights; we were there on a mission: Attend ReStyle's Grand Opening Gala. And shop!

The owner of ReStyle, Marianne, has been working with StudioM on all the shop's branding. For a peek into the process, see this past post, or this more recent one. Marianne is just a gem; it has been such a pleasure working with her. The shop has turned out to be quite a gem, too - modern dressing rooms, luxurious textiles, contrasting textures, chandelier lighting, soft goods and home goods juxtaposed, bamboo wallpaper, sparkling metallic touches...

Combine shopping with cocktails and good food and you get a full house.
Me and my mom - trying on clothes 
(Isn't her dress just the perfect black dress? 
She snatched that thing up right away.)
I'm just swooning over all the hits of yellow.
It's currently my favorite accent color.
While I was there, Marianne informed me that we need to place another hang tag order, stat. She went from about 500 items when the shop opened for consignments to a whoppin' 1400+ items! Wow. 
Calling the printer now...
Can you even breathe when you see this ceramic deer head mounted on a wall covered with delicate silver brocade? I can't.
The little birds on the left are swooping through the bathroom on a bright yellow wall. I love the boldness of the black silhouettes...and the guts it took to buy that paint color! Definitely a success.
Here's Marianne with ReStyle's first employee. I told her to look like the boss. She looks good as boss!
It's always so thrilling to see the work in the real world, doing what it's meant to do: give the brand a personality and assist the company in realizing its goals and objectives (AKA Facilitate some stellar shopping!). Let's just say, "Mission accomplished."

And, of course, "Cheers!" - to Marianne and ReStyle's bright future!


  1. Wish I lived closer...I'd be popping in there regularly! Fun adventure that held unexpected treasures. Great job to Marianne and all involved!

  2. oh this is so great! we should've coordinated to have our paths cross at the grand opening! dave was hopeful that maybe bryce would come down and he wouldn't be the only guy there :)

  3. What time were you there!!? Bummed we missed you! I think we left around 7:00 or so.