Monday, February 15, 2010

ReStyle | Upscale. Resale.

Marianne Fox is an new-found entrepreneur. She's delving into a venture she never imagined she would: opening a consignment shop! ReStyle is located in Albany, Oregon and will be opening in March. I met with Marianne (who found me through my friend Kimberly) and picked her brain about what her vision is for ReStyle. From my research I created this mood board which visually summarizes the soon-to-be ReStyle vibe:
Doesn't it just make you want to shop? The goal and objective of ReStyle is to “Provide an avenue for people to consign their high-end, gently-used clothing and furniture...provide an opportunity for others to purchase these things at a lower-than-retail so in a hip, chic, fresh, clean, inspiring and sparkly way.” The purpose of a logo is to represent these goals and objectives in a visual manner. We're now in Step 4 of the Logo Development Process. In Step 3 I presented 6 logo options and this was the chosen design:

It's very chic, simple, feminine and sophisticated. The icon represents a cursive 'r' and 's' as well as the movement of goods through the shop. We'll be applying color and then working with the logo on business card and flyer designs. Stay tuned. Much more talk of clothing + furniture + high-end consignment to come! While you wait, pop over to the ReStyle website at

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