Monday, February 22, 2010

Suzanne Peters | Logo Work

With a background in buying and selling soft goods via two of the most outstanding companies in existence (Nordstrom and Nike), Suzanne Peters is now setting out to buy and sell something a little different: homes. Growing up she would always draw houses, pick out her favorite decorating photos from magazines and dream of the house she would live in. Seems that just might have been a little foreshadowing! She's one of the classiest and most energetic ladies I've met;  I can tell she'll take both of those traits plus some extra zes into her new career. 

As Suzanne says, "Pair my love of home with my acumen for great service and a good deal, and I think it's a perfect fit for me!" Now, we just have to find the perfect logo to match. Here are a few I've presented. Which is your favorite?

Once the logo is finalized, we'll be tackling Suzanne's website (just a placeholder there for now)! Oh, and to see where she had her portraits done, visit the Soul Mates Photo Blog.

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