Thursday, February 4, 2010

Muddy shoes, locked doors and typography. At George Fox.

Yesterday I had the great privilege of speaking at my alma mater, George Fox University. I've gone back to speak in a few design classes over the last three years and it's always great to get back on campus and see the things I used to zip by everyday going to and from class like a chicken with my head cut off in a new, slower light. The grounds are just gorgeous. It smells wonderful. And the sounds...bustling students and professors, hushed rooms, laughing, the bell tower....I love it all.
Before the Typography class I was scheduled to speak to was in session, I scuttled over to The Coffee Cottage to get my caffeine fix. In my hurried way I cut across some grass and had an odd sensation I was sinking. Because I was! It was SO muddy. Before I knew it my black heels had completely sunk into the ground and my feet were moving on without them. Gross. Needless to say, I had to accept that my black shoes would be brown for the day.

Once I got to class, everything went smoothly. The students had great questions and I had a lot of fun filling them in on my journey and my work. After class I roamed through the art building, Brougher, to say 'hi' to a few people and track down some professors.
En route I saw the above pieces on the wall and they caught my eye because I designed those postcards for Mark Terry's Alchemy Show (which is currently on campus). I thought it was so cool that from my making art with Mark's art, someone took it and made yet another iteration of art. I don't know who did it, but whoever you are, I say, "Cool." My next stop, naturally, was the gallery to view Alchemy. I couldn't find Mark anywhere, so I trekked over there alone, super excited to see the show in person. Alas, the gallery doors were locked. Locked!
I peered through the doors best I could and then went around the other side of the building to peek through the exterior window. And peek sadly...
So close, but so far away. At least it made for some intriguingly layered photos...!? The black walls were gorgeous behind the signage and Mark's work is breathtaking, really. So besides the muddy shoes and the locked doors, yesterday was really nice. The end.


  1. Thank you for placing your day's events into words on paper! Reading this helped me also remember faces and places from the past. I love your writing and how it connects to emotions easily ignored but quickly enjoyed.

  2. This morning I was thinking about how this time of year eight years ago we were starting to pack boxes and prepare our hearts to leave South Dakota and come here. EIGHT!!! I'm glad I had GFU to plug into and get myself acclimated to the new place.