Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Changes are afoot.

And there is a ton of clutter at my feet. Why, you ask? Because StudioM/Clark & Company is moving. Today I'm toting all of my business gear exactly 1.1 miles down the road to the new office space in downtown Vancouver (address to come).
I'm excited for: 
a new routine
a new space to organize
a few new desk accessories (!)
a set of new, healthier work habits 
a place to meet with clients
a daily walk to work
and sometimes coffee on the way

*Addendum: They're cleaning carpets today. I'll be moving tomorrow.


  1. How exciting!

    And I just realized I never replied back to your email. I should go find that... :)

  2. excited for you! please invite me over for a office welcoming!

  3. Cool! Glad you're able to go through with it, they even thought to clean the carpets for your arrival!