Thursday, October 14, 2010

For days like this.

Today I am tired. It is foggy. I ignored my alarm. I thought I woke to an beautiful orchestra tuning up for a performance then realized it was just the train, blasting its horn at the station. All that to say, some days you just need a little something special in the morning. My something special today is what we here at the Clark household have been calling a cocoa-espresso. Some might call it the poor-man's mocha. Regardless, I think it's delightfully easy and delicious. I'm sharing the recipe with you all today because I know I'm not the only one who has days like this.

The word "recipe" is used lightly, BTW. 
Here is how it goes:
 1) Cup. (The cuter the better. This one's from IKEA.)
 2) Cocoa (Any old kind'll do. Just a spoonful.)
  3) Instant Espresso (A spoonful.)
  4) Add hot water and stir
5) Whipped Cream (Mine's home-made. Way better than Miracle Whip.)
Ta-da! Done.